Vacation Rental in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Renting can be a problem; search, put documentation, wait for a response, damages, visit other places, etc. But today we are going to bring you a solution, make this process easier. This time we are going to talk about vacation rental in Las Terrenas, one of the most popular vacation towns in the Dominican Republic.

Vacation in Las Terrenas

Las Terrenas is a municipality of Samaná and is one of the most incredible tourist sites in the entire country. This is due to a couple of beaches that make it very attractive, for example; Bonita, Las Ballenas, Cosón and the central beach of Las Terrenas. This municipality was given the name of Las Terrenas in 1946, this name because previously there were (and still are) many fishermen in the area. But in Las Terrenas we can get many tourist accesses, such as;

  • Beaches: Cosón, Punta Poppy (coconut trees and kitesurf), Playa Bonita, Playa Escondida, House Blanca and much more.
  • Islands: Las Terrenas has many islands and cays, but the most attractive is Cayo Las Ballenas (Yes, it has the shape of one)
  • Excursions: The largest hiking area is the Indrinatours Quad; all kinds of land and water activities.

But for To know Las Terrenas you need a rental, a property, even if it is a Airbnb rental. But for this we have the solution, a vacation rental in Las Terrenas that you will love. Best of all, we don’t have 1 or 2, We have the largest variety of real estate agencies Just for you!

Rent in Las Terrenas ¡On Vacation!

Surely you have encountered this problem of “No availability for high season”. Yes, it happened to me when I was looking to enjoy my vacation anywhere, but this is not the occasion. Either a day or a month in advance, we will help you spend your vacation in Las Terrenas. But, what is the advantage of renting on vacation in Las Terrenas? We will teach you.

Totally private
From complete rooms with private bathrooms to private rooms with what you need, as you want; Cabins, rooms, rooms with several beds, etc.
Pretty cheap
Although you can reserve something private, it does not mean that it will be expensive, it can be cheaper than you imagine. We don’t take advantage of any of that.
The days you want!
Your reservation is the most important thing, so you can ask for the number of days you want, regardless of whether it is short or long term. The rent will be adapted to your needs.
As you want
You can order whatever you want, from surprise breakfasts to a hotel reservation with romantic décor. We fully adapt to what you like best.
We adapt to you
It does not matter if you want to bring your mother-in-law and also your pet, we have advanced searches for you to find your vacation rental in Las Terrenas. This makes us adapt to your trip and your vacation.
The most incredible tours
You can start looking now at the tours we have available for you in Las Terrenas. From going to the Cayo Ballena, to renting a yacht to visit all the islands, beaches and desired locations.

How to find a vacation rental in Las Terrenas?

We are not like one of the many websites for renting houses. Neither we we consider it as a simple website, application or a home rental agency. We are a complete group with advanced searches and adapted to what you need for your vacation, stay and tours you need. All this adapted to your location, in this case, Las Terrenas. We are going to take care of;

  • Comfort: Calmly reach the hotel, house or room.
  • Tranquility: Without worrying about paperwork, we do it for you.
  • Experiences: You will know the entire municipality as it should.
  • Transport: Everything will be ready for you to move anywhere.
  • Stay: Food, hospitality, schedules, visits, etc.

This and much more! It’s easy, with a click you can search everything that suits what you are looking for. You just have to put what you want on your vacation in Las Terrenas; X rooms, accept pets, beach tour, check in at 14:00, X nights, food, etc. Everything adapts and this is where it changes with others website.

Isn’t it the same for Airbnb or another agency?

You probably think “What if I use Airbnb? Because it’s different?” Some real estate agencies or websites such as Airbnb do not fully update what we, on our website, do. In addition, a vacation rental in Las Terrenas on another website can be a bit limited, since these websites / agencies do not maintain these advanced search specifications; accept pets, check-in / check-out time, attach tours or special decorations. And when these websites / agencies do it, they give you the “comfort” you have to pay much more than you would for our website. So searching here gives you the convenience of even making installment payments, searching for convenience, attaching tours from the same website, etc. We are waiting for you at VIP Realty Managers! So you can find your vacation rental in Las Terrenas.

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