VOGUE publishes article about the Dominican Republic


VOGUE publishes article about the Dominican Republic to clear controversy.

Since last week Vogue magazine has been on the lips of Dominicans, after it published an article with a photo of the Bay of Samaná in which it is observed full of garbage

At the time, the person in charge of said photograph, the environmentalist Carmen Danae, said that she was only trying to expose a truth, a justification that was not accepted by many.

The problem lies in the same publication highlighting the beauties of other destinations in the world, while the Dominican Republic only portrays the ‘ugly’ side, ignoring how good it positions us as one of the most visited Caribbean destinations.

The issue continues to speak, and that is that now the fashion magazine published an article to do justice to the controversial photo. Under the title “10 reasons why the Dominican Republic should be on your must see list”,

Lucile Tranzer Hugo, highlights the most wonderful and emblematic places in our country to demonstrate that we are much more than polluted beaches.

“Istill remember the one-way flight to the Santo Domingo airport, 20 miles east of the city, in the Dominican Republic. My 11-year-old self couldn’t believe I was moving from sub-Saharan Africa to the Caribbean. My biggest concern was that I didn’t know anything about Latin American culture and, more importantly, I didn’t know a single word of Spanish, which seemed like a scary thought when you are a kid and start a new life on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. ”

Lucile Tranzer Hugo

This is how the web article begins, in which Tranzer Hugo tells his experience after having lived four years in the Dominican Republic, which he classifies as one of the most enriching of his life.

“From the country’s rich history to the wonderfully diverse cultural mix, to truly amazing beaches, there will always be a special place in my heart for the island,” writes the author.

The places that stand out

In her publication, which invites tourists to discover the DR, the author highlights our greatest attribute: the beaches. Its list includes destinations such as:

  • Las Terrenas
  • Isla Saona,
  • Punta Cana and
  • Bahía de las Águilas,
  • Where the crystal clear waters and the white sand welcome you to spend a few dreamy days away from the routine in the Caribbean.

Green experiences are not off your list.

  • Bahía de Samaná, where you can live a unique experience watching the humpback whales that come out to greet from January to March.
  • Jaragua National Park, home to hundreds of endemic species where caves full of Taíno pictograms give a taste of the richness of our origins
  • Cabarete, recognized for its La Boca, Bozo and Kite beaches, with large waves and strong winds, which invite you to practice windsurfing, kiteboarding and surfing.
  • Casa de Campo, the five-star complex with the best golf courses in the world.

But Tranzer Hugo is not only limited to the tropical landscapes of the island, he points out some of the famous activities that you can do in the DR, such as visiting:

  • Monuments,
  • cathedrals
  • Museums that Santo Domingo houses in the Colonial City to take a dip in general culture.
  • La Vega in February to enjoy the vegan carnival, which she defines as a true experience of how the holidays are lived in the Dominican Republic.

By Lucile Tranzer Hugo Diario Libre

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